Is your child suffering from Molluscum Contagiosum?

This website was created as a resource to other parents in order to find out more about molluscum and treatment options.  Also listed are links to other Internet Sites with information on molluscum.

Frustrated that doctors say it will go away on its own?

Many physicians do not subscribe to any treatments of molluscum stating once the immune system matures the lesions will disappear on their own.  This site has information about treatments that can be performed on children to treat the lesions and kill the virus.

Read about different treatment options here along with some helpful links and answers to frequently asked questions.

With over 6 million search results on the word molluscum, there is a vast amount of information on the Internet.  It is the hope of this website to condense this information into one site with product links that you may not find on other sites with molluscum information. 

It is important to read our disclaimer and remember that this site is not meant to diagnose molluscum, that is the job of health care professionals.  This site is to provide answers to common questions and links to informative sites on the Internet.


Molluscum Treatments